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Regarding Seasonal Affective Disorder

One year ago, I had the worst anxiety attack of my life. One year later, I cut down a tree and it was good. I’ll elaborate. Sam, Adam and I felled a dead tree down at Adam’s house in the Sierras. Sam did the sawing, and I did the pulling. Adam held the camera. We did this at the behest of his mom, who rightfully figured that we were precisely the kinds of morons to take up such a task with great enthusiasm -- because any excuse to fart around with axes and chainsaws is appealing to city-slickers, such as us. The process basically went like this: -Sam, thrilled that he finally had an excuse to do so, bought a chainsaw one morning while Adam and I watched the early football games. -Lunch -Cocktails. -TIMBER! -Back to watching football. -Adam grilled a hunk of meat. -We spend an hour arguing about what movie to watch. We combined the tree-felling (and various halftimes) with the creation and organization of firewood and kindling for the upcoming snowy season. Yet another thing Adam’s mom sh…

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