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Confessions of a Space Cadet

In our world of Manifest Destiny, dog-eat-dog ambition, Winners!! over Losers!!, and 24/7 cable news and Twitter streams projectile vomiting upon us tips for power and success, I frequently remind myself that it’s okay to feel lost, directionless, rudderless, apathetic, etc. It’s my opinion that none of these things are character flaws, and they might even point to one of my developing strengths: the ability to be present in the moment, the skill of not constantly planning my next move and fretting about the future. 
Which is not to say that maintaining this condition is natural or easy for me. 
Since a child, I’ve been a Class-A Space Cadet, able to zone out into my own imagination at the expense of sights, conversations, relationships, traffic, charging apex predators… you get the idea. And I value my imagination. Hell, Greedo never shoots first when I picture the cantina scene. I still have visible abs. I am taller, make more money, didn’t give up on jiu-jitsu, front a successful pro…

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