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To Be A San Franciscan

My heroes are named Moscone, Mays, Montana, McCovey and Milk I got a neighborhood I live in, another one I love in, and sometimes they’re even the same I don’t know if my preferred coastline is the Pacific or The Bay Just like I don’t know if my favorite bridge sparkles at night or shines gold during the day
I hate the goddamn fog, but then I miss it when it's gone And I can’t decide a favorite MUNI line but it’s probably the N, L, M, T, K or J I love the two weeks we get of summer, but soon find myself dreading the ensuing rain No parking space means no car, so when it pours, I tend to take the train
I’m YIMBY on the stuff you’re NIMBY on but vice-versa with the rest I want the cops to ignore the little shit until the little shit drives me nuts I know the difference between the psycho who’s dangerous and the one that just wants attention I’d prefer all the perks of City life without any of the never-ending business conventions
I’ll take a four-dollar coffee in the morning or a dollar o…

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