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It's Still Here

It never went away. The City by The Bay is not an uninhabitable, technocratic, pseudo-third world hellhole populated only by the capital-E-Elite and the very poor. You’ve read that story enough times if you have an internet connection. If you live here, you’ve no doubt heard people decrying the above. 

There was always money here. There was always capitalistic innovation. There were always carpet-baggers, ruthless profiteers, and shady politicians - backroom deals and kickbacks. Money has always talked, since the Gold Rush and its fortune seekers, since the Barbary Coast and its Shanghai tunnels, through the Season of the Witch and its serial killers, past the Dot-com boom-and-bust’s bean bagged offices, around the Great Recession and its vile bankers, and into this time of real-estate hungry IPO millionaires and their goddamn electric skateboards.
Nobody and nothing “ruined” it. Not two devastating earthquakes. Not the Civil War. Not two World Wars. Not the defeat of Vietnam. Not the l…

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