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The Weight(s)

Pick up a heavy thing and carry it. This is good advice. Trust me on this point if no other.
In a world in which the prevailing fitness modalities dictate that we attempt to kill ourselves with burpees and medicine balls or spend endless hours on the elliptical hamster-wheel praying secretly for the sweet solace of an untimely and fatal cardiac event or meteor strike, it is easy to forget what the point is, what our goals are, and how to achieve them. 
Life, in general, is often like that: confusing. We busy ourselves in our day to day lives with the banality of existence while fretting, or fantasizing, about the future and longing for, or regretting, the past. There is no blame or judgment here. This is normal. And I am certainly a person who often finds himself doing exactly the above, all of it - minus the elliptical because it makes one look ridiculous, prancing pony.
In my most recent bout of confusion as to the point of it all, nothing has helped me come back into the present more…

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