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What Joe Talked About At Coffee

Joe tells me and the lieutenant a story while we sit outside of the coffee shop at the start of our shift.
It goes: “So I walk into this apartment on a call and the second I walk in the dad takes a razor blade and slices his throat from ear to ear in front of me and his family, kids and all.”
And then I say, “Oh fuck.”
And Joe continues, “Nothing I could do, both sides cut like that, right? I mean, one side… you got a shot… maybe if someone can pinch the artery closed. I couldn’t even see where to pinch though.”
Joe tells us more while displaying a stare on his face that’s increasing in range towards that 1000-yard distance people always talk about. He tried to keep the family from losing it completely, but everyone was screaming despite his best efforts. He assured them the paramedics were on the way. He applied fruitless pressure to stem the hemorrhaging, and blood was “fucking everywhere”.
Joe says, “He died right there. Nothing I could do.”
I assure him, “Nothing you could do, no. Unle…

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