Poem: Night On The Great Highway

Riding the Great Highway in the last gasp of twilight
Under a purple sky that’s fading to black
Behold the moon’s amber sliver, rising just a bit above the water line
Either waning or waxing, I rarely keep track

The Pacific appears as vast, uniform darkness
Interrupted at its start by the breakers’ foaming white
Do you smell the comfort of a late evening bonfire?
Are you currently huddled by its warmth and light?

In the distance, I spot the twinkle of a cargo ship
It’s departing California’s luminous Golden Gate
I bet there’s a sailor gazing at the shore
Hoping to return on a nearby date

My headlight reveals sandy patches on the roadway
The streetlights above set the grassy dunes aglow
Gusts of breeze carry the brine scent inland
And I bid the night a fond hello

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