Poem: 1941

I’m looking around at a sea of hard faces
But I do not fear them, because I knew you
It’d be easy to respond with anger, to focus my rage
But I don’t, because I know that you wouldn’t approve

How odd it must be to be in your position
From man to martyr; to hero; to saint
This past year, I’ve grieved for you so much
I’ve sobbed; I’ve mourned, both loud and faint

I’d do so right now if the moment would allow me
But the encounter at hand demands my attention
It’s been so hard to concentrate on this work since you left
My enthusiasm has waned to a feeling barely worth mention

I take conscious effort to hold it together
Use you bravery as a guiding light, as I most certainly should
But that’s just not me; I’m far too despondent
And I’d switch places with you in an instant, if I knew that I could

In Memory of Officer Bryan Tuvera #1941

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