Poem: She Said

She said,
Goddamn, brainless meat!
For what did I give this love, to wind up at square one?
And I said,
Let’s forgo this fucking fluff.
Why didn’t you call my bluff?
For what did I give this love, to find my faith undone?

She said,
You are not the victim.
And you are not the good guy.
You’ll not again be the sparkle that others see in my eyes.
And I said,
As if this is was easy for me?
This must be so easy for you,
To flaunt my shame in my face,
To portray me as such a fool?
She said,
With every lie that you tell,
With every rat that I smell,
I’ll subtract a degree of trust.
For those that come after you must
Feel the breadth of my pain
Understand the weight of this strain,
And from your consummate failure rise
Learn your memory to despise.
And I said,
And all that you said to me,
Such poems that you wrote about me,
They won’t vanish despite your best prayers,
They won’t vanquish this nagging despair.
But then she didn’t say,
Baby, please take me back.
I was wrong to go on the attack.
Let’s figure out what we lacked.
Can’t we pick up the rest of our slack?
She said,  

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