Poem: Tropics

I’m neck deep in pristine, aquamarine, tropical ocean water
Looking out towards the setting sun
Squinting as a result
A few moments ago a turtle swam by
His giant flippers keeping his gnarled girth afloat
 Below me, my toes dig into cool, inviting sand
As my body rocks softly
Lulled by the swell
My turtle friend vanishes in and out of my sight
Disappearing into nearby rocks via his camouflaged shell
 If I look straight down, I can see a tiny school of fish
Hovering by my legs
Fluttering there in quiet
As soon as I move, they’ll race away
Unwilling to join a larger creature’s diet
 Gentle surf folding down upon outbound saltwater
Makes white noise on impact
Hisses on the way out
If you could see into my eyes from your place on the shore
You’d learn everything that my happiness is really about

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