Poem: Brenda

Any dark cloud you scatter
And chase rain until it’s dry
Your love for me is palpable
I see it in your eyes

Don’t’ think I don’t notice
How genuine you are at heart
Or think I don’t appreciate
How little you ask for your part

I’d give you so much more
And all you have to do is ask
But you would never be required
To demand or put me to task

Your simple needs are my pleasure
And my joy to provide for you
Your happiness fulfills me
And chases away my blues

I’m a lucky man to have you waiting
At my door when I come home
I cherish every moment you are near
And every smile that you’ve shown

I know you won’t live forever
And it is almost too sad to bear
But I’ll never stop loving you
Even when you are no longer there

You will always be my best friend
And I will in turn be yours
Brenda, I love you, baby
You fulfill me to my core

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